Studio Enki is the workshop of Nicholas Hannah, in Bellingen, NSW. This little town where the river flows into the ocean is a place of extraordinary natural beauty and a source of constant inspiration.

Through my work I try to bring the tenderness of the river, the breath of the sea and the warmth of the valley into the things that fill our lives. I believe that through thoughtful, hand crafted objects we can have a deeper engagement with the world around us. My greatest hope is to encourage moments of quiet contemplation and joy while you go about your daily life. 

When I work with clay it is a dialogue with a material that already knows how to speak. I only seek to give it clarity, to translate it into something which can grace our lives and fit into the spaces we create. I often leave the clay full of the rocks and sticks that have been collected with it, throwing until the materials tell me I must stop. I believe this wildness speaks to something deep inside us, and can be a powerful reminder of who we really are while we engage with the daily rituals that infuse our lives with meaning.